Make espresso like a pro with our wonderfully tactile Coffee Tamper. It even has our logo on the top to remind you of your mission. Available in two sizes, 53mm or 58mm.

The secret to a decent shot is in the preparation. You want a dark espresso roast, finely ground and compressed tightly and evenly into the portafilter (that thing with the handle).

Why? Well, the compression is essential because it determines the way the coffee is filtered. The more compact it is, the stronger the shot will be with more crema on top. Be careful though - too compact and the water will struggle to push through the grinds.

As for the finish, you want a nice, flat top to the coffee to allow for an even filter – just like your best sand pie. Any loose grinds will get stuck in the machine heads and can also burn from the heat, which will make your coffee taste bitter.

How to use the tamper:
Simply measure your coffee into the basket and place the portafilter onto a flat, even surface. Our special tamping mat is ideal for this. Place the tamper on top of the portafilter and press quite hard with a slight twist to tidy the edges. If your coffee needs leveling out, simply tap the side of the basket with the tamper to loosen the grinds so you can re-press them.