Much like us humans, a cup of coffee is predominantly made of water so don’t skimp on this essential component!

Unless you happen to live right next to a spring, the chances are your water is full of all sorts of chemicals and metals. While it may still be drinkable, it certainly won’t do your coffee any favours.  

But rather than contributing to an already horrific surplus of plastic bottles, it is far easier and more environmentally friendly to purify water yourself. Better still, you can combine the filtering process with the boiling part with this nifty Breville BRITA Filter Kettle – great if you’re short on space in the kitchen.

It uses a BRITA filter cartridge to remove limescale, chlorine and heavy metals such as lead and copper. Not only does this notably improve the taste, smell and appearance of hot water for your coffee, it prolongs the life of the kettle.

If all that isn’t enough for you, this clever kettle even lights up BLUE when it’s on. What more could you ask?

BRITA Filter Kettle