To make around 4 cups you will need: A Chemex, 60g coffee, 1 litre of fresh filtered water, a pouring kettle, filter paper, a grinder, a paddle, scales. 

  1. Boil the kettle and measure the coffee (grind to medium/fine).
  2. Place filter paper in the Chemex (3 folds facing spout).
  3. Wet filter paper with hot water and discard extra water.
  4. Pour coffee into filter and shake to level grounds.
  5. Make a crater in the centre of the coffee (with the paddle not your fingers!).
  6. Saturate the grounds with 100g of water (never pouring down the filter edges).
  7. After the ‘bloom’ continue to slowly spiral pour in the remaining 900g of water (keep the water level consistent – this may require multiple pours).
  8. Allow the coffee to finish brewing (1-2 minutes) then discard the filter.
  9. Serve, share and enjoy!