At ThreeSixty° we’re all about discovering and trying new things – and that’s not limited to just coffee. We’ve identified some of the top trends in the food & coffee world for 2017…

Nitro coffee

Too cool for cold brew? Don’t worry – the coffee industry has taken it one step further with nitro cold brew literally exploding onto the scene. Creamier and richer than regular iced coffee, nitro is simply coffee that’s been infused with nitrogen gas. It’s a big hit at the moment in the US, and is UK bound soon.

Waste not, want not

Did you know it’s been reported you can recycle your coffee grounds to fertilise plants[1], spring clean your house or even beautify your face?[2] When you’ve brewed your ThreeSixty° coffee to perfection, be sure to give your leftover grounds a whole new life. 


With the summer fast approaching the sober scene is alive and thriving as we get ready for those longer days and warmer evenings. We’re not suggesting drinking your Americano on the dancefloor – get creative with flavours! Have a virgin espresso martini. Trust us, your head will thank you the next day.


The UK food scene has been heavily influenced by world cuisines, and this trend has dripped into coffee too. 2017 also marks the year coffees from countries like Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand are on the rise[3]. We’re always on trend, especially as our range is rotated seasonally, so make sure you grab a chance to try our limited edition Cuba Cumanayagua before it disappears.

Seen any other trends you think will skyrocket in 2017? Let us know what you’ve discovered – we’re on Twitter and Instagram over at @360_coffee and on Facebook at @ThreeSixtyCoffee.