We’ve never been a big fan of instant coffee. We even use some of the precious characters we’re allowed in our Twitter bio to make that clear.

But, we are a fan of great coffee. And great coffee comes in all shapes and sizes. For someone new to the many styles of non-instant coffee, all the choice can seem a little daunting. So, here’s our simple ThreeSixty˚ guide to brewing delicious coffee at home, to take you away from the world of instant and into a land of discovery.

The cafetière

Also known as the French press, the cafetière à piston and the, quite literal, coffee plunger, the cafetière is the perfect first step for anyone looking to expand their coffee horizons.

This simple piece of equipment may not be as quick as instant, but with a little bit of extra time, some ground coffee, and one big plunge, it can give you incredible coffee, every time. 

Our 10-step guide to perfect cafetière coffee.

The AeroPress

After you’ve mastered how to use and spell cafetière (the latter probably being the hardest), another option is the filtered magic of the AeroPress.

The AeroPress has a few extra parts than the humble coffee plunger, but the premise is very similar. It still requires freshly ground coffee and filtered, boiling water, but unlike the cafetière this little machine also uses filter paper, to make an even more delicious, and finer, final product. And, it still requires a plunge, so it’s a natural progression from the cafetière! 

If you’re looking to impress friends and family the next time you’re pouring them a drink, here’s a handy fact. The AeroPress is manufactured by Aerobie; a company that actually started out as a sport toys maker.

 Become the master of your AeroPress.

The Chemex

In one way, the Chemex is very similar to the above; it makes great coffee. In another, it couldn’t be more different; it’s the first step to not involve any kind of plunger.

The Chemex Glass Handle uses a similar process as the AeroPress by filtering ground coffee. Where it differs is in speed. The Chemex is a slower brew, as there’s no plunger to speed things up. The Chemex promises to make coffee so clean that it can be refrigerated and reheated “without losing flavour”.

We wouldn’t recommend doing this with instant. In fact, we don’t recommend drinking instant at all.

The Chemex process in all its delicious glory

The V60 Pour Over

Finally, there’s the V60 Pour Over; an elegant way to make a delicious cup of coffee.

The process is simple; place filter paper into the V60 Coffee Dripper, add your coffee and gently pour over hot water through a long-spouted kettle. The drip coffee process may take a little longer than your old cup of instant, but when the smell of the coffee hits and you take that first taste, the wait is always worth it.

How to get perfect V60 Pour Over coffee

If you haven’t taken the plunge (or plunger) into the world outside of instant coffee, there’s no time like the present. You’ll never look back.