Coffee and cake go together like strawberries and cream. In theory they should be the perfect match – but it’s not always that simple. We’ve been working with pastry chef Sarah Hartnett to explore how a small tweak to the ingredients can take a cake from clashing to complementing the exact same coffee. 

Sarah is the real deal when it comes to sweet treats. She’s a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, and has worked in prestigious places such as Claridge’s and Sheraton Park Lane. She comments: “Since working with UCC Coffee UK & Ireland and its extensive range of coffees, I’ve learnt that flavour profiling is as complex as it is with chocolate and wine – each individual origin has very distinct characteristics. Coffee needs to be expertly handled to get the best results, the same way any kitchen uses raw ingredients. It's been very interesting to work on food and coffee pairings, and explore how different the food experience can be when it harmonises with the coffee." 

The floral fragrance followed by blueberry and lychee sweetness are tasting notes of our Great Taste Award winning ThreeSixty° Ethiopian Yirgacheffe that Sarah took into consideration when creating her traditional Irish Tea Brack recipe. The smallest addition to the Tea Brack – such as lemon icing – was found to elevate the taste of the coffee, making for a heavenly match. 

Now the nights are getting colder, the afternoon’s darker, and Great British Bake Off has disappeared from our screens, why don’t you fire up the oven and have a go at some baking to enjoy with your ThreeSixty° Ethiopian Yirgacheffe cuppa. You can get your hands on some at Waitrose or buy your coffee online at Ocado. 

Here’s Sarah’s recipe to try for yourself. Take some pictures of your bakes and be sure to share them on Instagram. We’d love to see your creations (we’re @360_coffee). 

Traditional Irish Tea Brack


660g dried fruits (raisins, sultanas) | 100g dried fruit peel

600ml hot tea | 2 eggs | 400g brown sugar

450g self-raising flour | 2 tsp mixed spice


  1. Infuse the tea with the dried fruits for eight hours
  2. Sieve all the dry ingredients, mix in the fruits and remaining liquid and the eggs
  3. Pour into a lined tin and bake at 150°C for 45 - 60mins or until a skewer comes out clean

ALLERGENS: Wheat, eggs, gluten, suplhur dioxide


Tea Brack with Earl Grey & Lemon

Exactly the same ingredients and method as above with Earl Grey tea and the addition of 140ml lemon juice and 180g icing sugar for the topping